Is it regular fat or is it Hard Belly?

Don't just accept Hard Belly. Hard Belly is a different kind of fat that may require a different type of treatment

If you have HIV, it's important to know the difference

Hard Belly isn't just regular fat. It is a hard fat, it feels much firmer than regular fat, and is mostly found in the abdomen (stomach area).

Hard Belly (excess hard abdominal fat) may be associated with serious health issues.

Learn why it may be important to manage.

Take a Deeper Look

This short video illustrates why it may be important to recognize and manage Hard Belly.

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My Hard Belly Education

Learn more on living with HIV through presentation by healthcare provider

Living with HIV today

For many, management of HIV focuses on dealing with side effects associated with HIV and its treatment, including excess belly fat. To learn more, request a presentation from one of our nurse educators:

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Healthy Aging

When HIV is under control, you can focus on healthy aging.

Find out how you can lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Get The Facts

Many people who are treated for HIV have Hard Belly.

Get the facts about Hard Belly and why you may be at risk.